Skid & Sandy Trip

Thursday, June 30, 2005

This will be the last picture unless we get one in the morning as Kwik Silver rolls out, It's been a wonderful couple of weeks, and the trip home with Skid and Sandy has been a real treat. Between Sag and the Canadians, I had great riding partners for this little trip. VROC, Oregon and VROC, Ontario. That's enough to boggle the law enforcement! (or the motels) Thanks for watching the blogs for the RRR. I'll be starting another one when I leave for HSVROC at Lake Topaz, NV the end of July.

The Lea-Sure lite in the process of folding down.

Skid, Pat and Sandy. They were giving us a "demo" as they packed up for an early morning departure.

Skid at Sherm's messy desk. Guess I'd better re-organize again!

New addition! Thanks Kelly..........

And........the big news of the day............Skid and Mrs. Robinson sure look good on this Rogue! Will Far West Kawasaki take a Wing in trade? Harold says, "What's a Wing?"

Sherm, being 12 years older than Skid, is sitting on his new "dream bike". This is the little Suzuki, and a fine machine it is! Eat your heart out Slammer

Sandy says, "Hey! I can ride this one!

Sandy and Skid. Their "guest house" at Sherm's.

Sherm getting some "Morman Crickets" off Kokopelli.

We're teaching Skid bad habits here in Oregon. I think he only washed "The Haze" twice in 82K miles. He's doing a little better job with "Kwik Silver".

The finer points of servicing a Gold Wing! Skid in Sherm's garage.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Sandy ("not a dog person") is making up to our guard dog, Julie.

Everyone else had had 2 bowls of Strawberry shortcake. Skid is so busy with his baby computer he hasn't eaten his first one!

This shot is for Cargo. Remember? During SCP Daze, the is the place you passed the whole group on the Helix when you were giving it a top end test! The only straight road we'd been on all day, and this was as far as it lasted! Good Memories.

Pat and Sandy strolling throught the gardens

Skid being gentle with the flowers.

Shore acres pond in the Botanical Garden.

Pat and Sherm. A rare day for Pat to get on the bike. We had a good ride!

Sandy and Skid, Shore acres, Cape Arago, OR. That's the mighty Pacifice Air Conditioner in the background.

Check the plates. How can that be???????

Charleston harbor, Coos Bay, OR

Skid and Sandy, Mount Lassen on the Horizon. It's snow covered, looks like just another cloud. I was surprised when I got home and looked at the pictures on my 19" Sony Flatscreen. Wow! What a difference from the little laptop....

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Skid sticking out his "pinky". Guess that's what happens when you get your coffee in a girly cup! Tomorrow we'll take some scenery pictures around the Coos Bay area. Skid and Sandy will be here until Friday Morning, we have to make the most of it! I'll use this same blog until they are on the way.

It was almost 7 when we pulled in, and Pat had some food ready for us. We're down to left overs here.

The "Wings" flew into Sherm's garage.

Waiting for road construction in Northern California.

Highway 89 between Susanville, CA and Mt. Shasta.

Leaving Nevada, Tuesday morning. We're now in California for awhile.

Monday, June 27, 2005

Harrah's! One of the biggest in town.

My favorite machine in The Fitz. I've never played it, but like the theme!

The gamblers.

Inside the Limerick Bar. This brings back memories for some of us. Thanks again Slots!

Here ya go Paul! Who's this "Seamus" guy? Sandy and Steve under "YOUR" sign

There are always big name entertainers in the casinos here in Reno. Too many to mention.

Too many magnificent casinos to post, but had to put in just a few. We were staying in the Atlantis, a huge place just south of the city. We don't have any pictures of it!

We took a few for Slots777. Bring back memories?

Who are these charactors standing in the middle of a very busy street?!

The sign says it all!

Lass, on her way into the pull out by the Shoe Tree. She had been riding with Terry, Krazbob and Barb, and was just coming out of the mountains that were full of Morman Crickets. This has been a perfect riding day, temps in the 70's, little wind, and beautiful scenery. We're on the way to spend the night in Reno at the Atlantis Casino.

Closer shot of the Shoe Tree.

The Shoe Tree, between Austin and Fallon, NV. This had been a landmark for years. There are hundreds of shoes up there.

This was a rig parked by the "Shoe Tree". The Cricket residue was about a half inch thick on the trailer. The steps were also just covered. They had been just in front of us. We went through and area that was so full of the crickets they had snow plows out getting them off the road. They are very slick to ride on, and make popping noises when you run over them.

Sandy and Sag beside an old safe that had been used by one of the business in this old building. The guy that is cleaning out the building wants to trade it for a new roof on the local Historical Society Building, It needs one, and would cost about $3500. We sure had a good time poking around in here!

We were in an old building that was being cleaned out. The owner died recently, both his sons has already passed away, so the county got the building. They had just had an estate sale last weekend. This old stove used to be in a railroad office. We got acquainted with the older man that was hired by the county to clean to place up, he took us through the building showed us a lot of interesting things. Skid stayed outside and visited with some guy he met. So between all of us, we learned a lot of history.

A Morman Cricket on the street in Austin, NV.

The old mining towns along the way have some interesting buildings.

Just another "tourist trap" along "The loneliest road in the world"

This car from Colorada had just hit a deer. We had passed the deer on the side of the road just a couple of miles from here. They were taping up the windshield on the inside to keep the glass from falling out, and were going to head back to their home in Colorado. What a mess!

Another interesting building in Eureka, NV.